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By | February 11, 2005

Further to this week’s column on browsers in the Asian Wall Street Journal/ (subscription only) on Firefox and other browsers, check out my directory of browsers for a (by no means complete) list of what’s out there.

Here’s the beginnings of a Directory of Firefox related sites:

More to come as I come across them. Please feel free to let me know of your favourites. I’m particularly interested in good extensions.

5 thoughts on “Firefox Resources

  1. dalton

    I’m a huge fan of the Bookmarks Synchronizer extension for Firefox. It allows me to keep the bookmarks on 3 different computers up to date by automatically uploading them to an FTP site. There are the occasional problems when the bookmarks have been changes on two different machines before a successful sync occurs, but they are few and far between.

    I guess until I’m won over by or some other online bookmark tool (maybe once they’re integrated into the browser as if they were the default bookmark manager), I will need to use something like this – I’m just glad someone else thought of it first.

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  3. Akshay

    My favorite Firefox Extenstions, in no particular order:

    – IE View (ref: Microsoft’s IS Compatibility post)

    – GMail Notifier

    – Plain Text Link – This allows you to highlight a piece of text, then right-click to open it in a new window. So you can open a UL that’s displayed as text. But more powerfully, Firefox does a Google search to lookup keywords if you enter them in the address bar. So you can highlight a word or phrase, and right-click to open in a new window and perform a Google search!

  4. dalton

    Firefox has the “highlight a word or phrase, right click to Google Search” built right into it. Try highlighting some text, right clicking, and select “Search Web for…”

    No extension needed! Of course, if you’re already using the extension and they both do the same thing, no need to change your current way of doing it.


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