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Working from home will get ugly, but don’t blame the workers

By | June 30, 2020

Working from home has been a relative success story of these Covid-19 times, but from here on in it’s going to get ugly. Working from home isn’t for everyone, but that’s often because people haven’t tried it. Covid-19 has given a proverbial leg-up to those still wary of the fence. There are technology hurdles to overcome, as well… Read More »

User Determined Computing

By | January 10, 2008

I’m not sure it’s a new phenomenon, but Accenture reckons it is: employees are more tech savvy than the companies they work for and are demanding their workplace catches up. A new study by Accenture to be released next week (no link available yet; based on a PR pitch that mentions no embargo) will say that until recently… Read More »

Killing the Couch-Loving Individualists

By | June 5, 2006

Is HP’s anti-telecommuting move just a bid to shed expensive jobs? Thanks to my old chum Tom Raftery (thanks for the accommodation, Tom, and congrats on the baby!) Bernie Goldbach reckons it is. And he makes the important point that customers considering H-P as part of a core IT package during the next 12 months–ensure you are comfortable… Read More »

Turning Back the Telecommuting Tide

By | June 5, 2006

Good piece in the MercuryNews.com on HP’s decision to cut back on telecommuting: “HP believes bringing its information-technology employees together in the office will make them swifter and smarter. The decision shocked HP employees and surprised human resource management experts, who believe telecommuting is still a growing trend.” Speaking as a telecommuter still in his morning sarong, I’m… Read More »

How To Persuade Your Boss To Let You Telecommute

By | December 3, 2004

This week in the AWSJ (subscription only, I’m afraid) I talk about telecommuting. Had a chance to talk to lots of folk about it, but sadly there wasn’t room for everything in there. Here’s some stuff we couldn’t fit in, but which is worth passing on. I asked Minda Zetlin, author of Telecommuting for Dummies, to suggest some… Read More »