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Closed for Business

051220071273 Originally uploaded by Loose Wire. I’m amazed by how many restaurants, cafes and bars scare away business by not allowing patrons to use their power outlets. In Hong Kong, the manager at Dan Ryans in Pacific Place said they were worried that people recharging phones or running laptops off their outlets would damage the… Read More »

Revisiting the Kryptonite Affair

(This post is also available as an experimental Loose Wireless podcast ) Remember the Kryptonite Affair? It was back in September 2004 when a company that sold bicycle locks crashed into the power of forums and blogs and came away battered and bleeding when it failed to respond in Internet time to complaints that some… Read More »

Wi-fi For Truckers

 Interesting piece from the New York Times about Wi-fi for truckers. Turns out they like Wi-fi because it’s spreading to truckstops and their “cabs are not only workplaces but often sleeping quarters as well”.   Truck stops have offered various Internet options for years, but the connections have often been slow and expensive, and required drivers… Read More »