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Closed for Business

By | December 5, 2007

051220071273 Originally uploaded by Loose Wire. I’m amazed by how many restaurants, cafes and bars scare away business by not allowing patrons to use their power outlets. In Hong Kong, the manager at Dan Ryans in Pacific Place said they were worried that people recharging phones or running laptops off their outlets would damage the circuitry or, somewhat… Read More »

Tags for Sale to Fund a Wedding

By | November 29, 2005

Lame gimmick or wave of the future? Entrepreneur Launches Web’s First Tag Directory to Raise Money for His Wedding:  A Canadian entrepreneur wants to raise funds for his wedding by listing websites on his del.icio.us account for $20 per listing. Patrick Ryan, 37, and his fiancée have been dating for 5 years; he hopes that TagDirectory.net will attract… Read More »

Keeping Friends As Avatars

By | June 20, 2005

I like this approach to trying to turn buddy lists, address books etc into more dynamic, personal representations: Social Fabric ~ Thesis 2005 (via Infosthetics) The Social Fabric is a representation of your social world, displayed as a single visual array on your mobile phone. It does not replace your address book or calendar but keeps you subtly informed… Read More »