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It’s Your Mother Calling

By | November 29, 2007

A few people have asked for the transcript of yesterday’s commentary on the BBC’s World Business Daily about getting your  mother’s voice to be your ringtone. It follows below, and here’s the (still active) link to the actual program from whence it came. Thanks for listening, and to the crew at Business Daily for their excellent impression of… Read More »

How To Fix The Annoying Ringtone Problem

By | May 22, 2005

Ringtones. The day of the fancy, polyphonic, clip-from-your-favorite-song-or-theme-tune ringtone is here. Especially in North Asia, it seems. And it’s annoying. It’s like hearing someone turning on a radio full-blast and then turning it off, and jabbering instead. Either you’re just beginning to get into the music, or recognise it, and it’s off. I thought I would never say this,… Read More »

The Phone Belch

By | April 28, 2005

Why is it that cellphones ring louder the longer they go unanswered? The ring starts quietly, then builds up to an ear-splitting crescendo. I know what the apparent logic to this is — if the phone is right in front of the person, they don’t need it loud to be able to hear it, so the loudness is… Read More »

Loose Wire: Excuse Me, My

By | March 1, 2002

Loose Wire: Excuse Me, My Ego’s Ringing [ this appeared in FEER, 01/31/2002] Few of us stop to think just how revolutionary the mobile phone is. It enables us to be always on call and always in touch with those important to us, it frees us from the confines of office and home, but perhaps most importantly it… Read More »