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Stuck on Stuxnet

By | October 4, 2010

By Jeremy Wagstaff (this is my weekly Loose Wire Service column for newspaper syndication) We’ve reached one of those moments that I like: When we’ll look back at the time before and wonder how we were so naive about everything. In this case, we’ll think about when we thought computer viruses were just things that messed up, well,… Read More »

This week’s column – My Mobile, My Master

By | March 11, 2004

This week’s Loose Wire column is about mobiles phones: WE ALL KNOW THAT mobile phones, cellphones, hand-phones, whatever we want to call them (and shouldn’t we all be calling them the same thing?) are changing our lives. But it takes a good old-fashioned survey to wake us up to the glaring reality: They have changed who we are.… Read More »

HandyMan.Com, Coming Your Way

By | March 2, 2004

Here’s something for U.S. readers only: Find a computer repair guy online. For individuals and companies that can’t afford IT support personnel, ComputerRepair.com offers access to more than 3,000 technicians in all 50 states, and counting. It’s a kind of eBay of tech support: Users are encouraged to post their feedback and rate those computer repair technicians they use.… Read More »

Who’s In Charge? The Machines, Or Us?

By | February 27, 2004

Are we liberated by technology, or its captive? I love my handphone and I congratulate myself, as I’m checking my email in the middle of some dusty Indonesian kampung, that I have harnessed technology and not the other way round. But sometimes I wonder. A recent poll by Siemens callled the Mobile Lifestyle Survey (no URL available, I’m… Read More »

News: Nokia Confirms N-Gage Cracked

By | November 12, 2003

 Nokia has confirmed a story doing the rounds yesterday: that hackers have cracked the copy-protection codes for its newly launched N-Gage gaming device, allowing copied games to be downloaded over the Web, according to Reuters.     Nokia has high hopes for N-Gage, aiming to challenge market leader Nintendo’s Gameboy Advance. A vital part of the revenue from… Read More »