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MyDoom Is Nasty, So Beware

By | January 27, 2004

Further to my earlier posting, this MyDoom worm looks nasty. I’ve received three already in the past hour, all with different subject lines (or no subject at all), different attachments, but usually with the same content (‘The message cannot be represented in 7-bit ASCII encoding and has been sent as a binary attachment.’ This could be automatic, of… Read More »

No Sign Of Letup On Spam So Far

By | January 9, 2004

Unsurprisingly, the new U.S. anti-spam law has had no effect whatsoever. Commtouch, a provider of anti-spam solutions, said it saw no significant change in the number of spam attacks in the first week of 2004, and that less than 1% of all bulk email complied with the new CAN-SPAM regulations. Although Commtouch notes it is too early to… Read More »