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Podcast: Bacteria at Your Fingertips

By | October 27, 2005

Here’s another podcast from the BBC’s World Business Report: this one is on how to prevent the gunk in keyboards from killing you, and it derives from a Loose Wire piece I did for WSJ.com and The WSJ Asia on September 30. (Subscription only, I’m afraid.) Here’s a snippet: The gunk in your keyboard could kill you. Really.… Read More »

The Heat in the Kitchen? It’s Bad Design Being Set on Fire

By | September 8, 2005

Currently at my mother’s UK flat and frankly horrified at some of the kitchen appliance design I’m seeing here. There’s a Credaplan Microwave (which thankfully doesn’t seem to exist anymore) which sports an interface a succession of PhDs have not been able to fathom. Then there’s a brand new Indesit WIDL146 washing machine which looks nice but has… Read More »

Using Technology To Spread The Load

By | May 2, 2005

Is this the future of shared machinery. BBC reports of a Spanish washing machine called “Your Turn”, which will not let the same person use it twice in a row. It uses fingerprint recognition technology to ensure the job of loading is not dumped on just one individual. Nice idea. But why stop at washing machines? Bathroom doors… Read More »

News: Beware The Mobile Phone

By | September 15, 2003

 I have long believed that we use mobile phones too much, considering what little we know about the effects on our health. Why is why I like handsfree sets and SMS. Most studies that say they’re bad for us have been pooh-poohed. Here’s another one to throw out because we don’t like what it says.   The Independent… Read More »

Column: Project5 and computer music

By | April 14, 2003

Loose Wire — So You Wanna Be a Rock Star?: If you still harbour teen dreams of fronting your own band, this new software’s for you – it brings an entire sound system to your PC   By Jeremy Wagstaff from the 24 April 2003 edition of the Far Eastern Economic Review, (c) 2003, Dow Jones & Company,… Read More »