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Catching The Surfer in a Blink

By | January 17, 2006

Interesting news for web site designers, bloggers and PR types: Web users judge sites in the blink of an eye.  An article in Nature (thanks, BBC) quotes a study by Gitte Lindgaard of Carleton University in Ottawa in the journal Behaviour and Information Technology, that “the brain can make flash judgements almost as fast as the eye can… Read More »

Blink, Diallo And The Serpico Blog

By | April 15, 2005

I re-watched the excellent Serpico recently: A classic movie that should be watched back-to-back with The Corporation. Hunting the web for more on Serpico the man I found he has his own blog: the Official Frank Serpico Blog. I find that a pretty amazing example of how the Internet, and in particular blogging, has changed things. From the… Read More »

Know What You Don’t Want

By | April 12, 2005

It occurred to me this evening having dinner with a friend that most online dating sites have got it all wrong. They should take a leaf out of Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink and ask those seeking partners not to state what they’re looking for in a partner, or what they’re like themselves, but what they’re not looking for, and… Read More »