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The New News

By | February 20, 2006

Another very cool kind of newsmap (via the excellent and addictive information aesthetics). This one, reverbiage, uses the NPR feed to generate a map over which a fast moving zoom moves to the places where stories are breaking: There’s also another neat way of viewing stories — select a topic, or tag, from a list on the left and… Read More »

Clips In Space

By | June 13, 2005

I love Clip-N-Seals. I wrote about them in a column, and bought a bunch from Amazon, and they keep chips (what I call crisps) fresh for months on end. Amazing, really, for two bits of plastic. Anyway, they’re going to space, according to Seattle PI’s Insider: NASA buys bag clips, but lips are sealed on their use: TO… Read More »

Update: Another Blaster Suspect Arrested

By | September 27, 2003

 Another Blaster suspect has been arrested. Prosecutors refused to release any information about the suspect, not even the youth’s gender or home state, AP reported. The variant the juvenile allegedly created was known as “RPCSDBOT.”   No one yet knows who created the main version. Collectively, different versions of the virus-like worm, alternately called “LovSan” or “Blaster,” hit… Read More »

Loose Wire: The State We

By | March 22, 2002

Loose Wire: The State We Could Be in By Jeremy Wagstaff from the 28 March 2002 edition of the Far Eastern Economic Review, (c) 2003, Dow Jones & Company, Inc. Voting in your underwear? Sounds an appealing proposition: the chance to exercise your constitutionally protected right without actually having to leave your home. You could be watching Frasier… Read More »