One thought on “A New Kind of Anti-Piracy Scam?

  1. Kugutsumen

    Opentracker, the bittorrent tracker used by Pirate Bay also introduces random IP addresses so that the only way to check if someone is seeding copyrighted material is to connect to a peer and try to download part of the file… which may or may not be illegal in your country 🙂

    In Indonesia, even if I pay to see a movie at the cinema or buy an original I still have to download the pirated version to get the uncensored version.

    The other day I went to see a movie. Reviews said “too much violence and sex”… there was not much content left to watch. I left the theather and downloaded a screener.

    Back when I lived in France, I used to buy a lot of original games to play online but I still had to download the pirate copy. I couldn’t stand the dubbed french voices. Also note that french copyright law authorizes people to own a backup copy of copyrighted materials. We called pirated stuff, “copies anti-cafe”. (spilling coffee would ruin your floppy disks or tapes.)


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