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Bookselling And The Internet

By | January 13, 2005

Spent an interesting couple of hours with an online bookseller yesterday researching an upcoming column about selling over the Internet. Ian Bruce works out of a disused British Telecom phone exchange, a long narrow building with only one window nestled between the sandstone houses favoured by Britain’s new ruralized yuppies in the quaint English countryside. I learned a… Read More »

BT Brings Broadband To ‘Remote’ Milton Keynes

By | April 22, 2004

I couldn’t help passing this one on, though I don’t mean to mock either Milton Keynes, a charming artificial town in England, or Online Journalism, a very worthy project of the USC Annenberg Online Journalism Review. Online Journalism today picks up a piece from the BBC about how British Telecom is trying to extend broadband connections across the… Read More »

News: Don’t Smile At Me, SMS My Teddy

By | August 6, 2003

 From the That’s Interesting, I Think, But Why Exactly Do We Need It Dept comes news that the boffins at British Telecom — BT Exact, to be exact — are working on interactive toys that are linked to mobile phones so that SMS communication can be displayed through the toys’ actions. “This enables the texting experience to become more… Read More »