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The Shareware Dilemma

By | November 14, 2005

Shareware trial strategies are tricky. Do you give the punters 30 days to try out the product? Sixty days, like Buzz’s ActiveWords (another gratuitous plug; you’re going to have to start paying me, Buzz)? Or do you cripple (I hate the word; hobble is better) the software in some way so the user isn’t going to get full… Read More »

A Way To Filter Spam In Outlook (And Who The Hell Are Behind It?)

By | February 10, 2004

There’s a lot of software out there, but who is really behind it? Reading a piping fresh press release from a company that may or may not be called FlowRuler, which has just released a product called, er, FlowRuler, I tried to find out a bit more about who was behind it (FlowRuler, by the way, looks like… Read More »