A Way To Filter Spam In Outlook (And Who The Hell Are Behind It?)

By | February 10, 2004

There’s a lot of software out there, but who is really behind it?

Reading a piping fresh press release from a company that may or may not be called FlowRuler, which has just released a product called, er, FlowRuler, I tried to find out a bit more about who was behind it (FlowRuler, by the way, looks like an interesting tool if you use Microsoft Outlook email. It is an add-in that enables you to “filter SPAM and organize your inbox” using “graphically designed rules”. There are two versions available: a free shareware version and the full version ($22.95). More here.

Now, back to who is behind this. I’ve noticed a growing number of press releases that appear without any details on company name, location, or whatever. Many of them turn out to be in Eastern Europe, or the former Soviet Union. That’s OK with me, but why go to such trouble to hide where you’re from?

The folk behind FlowRuler are a mystery. The website was registered in Cordoba, Argentina by an outfit called Ginkgosoft, but they don’t seem to exist as far as I can see (although I did find out that Ginkgo is a tree, the world’s oldest living species, and has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for over 4,000 years. Ginkgo soft capsules are apparently effective in improving memory, alleviating symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, working as an anti-depressant, improving circulation, thin blood, cardiovascular health, antioxidant etc.)

Fascinating, but it doesn’t get me any closer to finding out who these guys are. More when I do.


2 thoughts on “A Way To Filter Spam In Outlook (And Who The Hell Are Behind It?)

  1. Jeremy Wagstaff

    I just received this email from Ariel Schwindt, who works as an architect in the company that created Flow Ruler. He writes: “We are not trying to hide anything, just don’t have enough money to make ourselves known and the lack of information about the company is because we’re very small.
    As you know, we’re located in Cordoba, Argentina.

    We created Flow Ruler, based on an idea of our boss Manuel, to simplify the work and diminish the time we spent every day on the outlook arrangement and erasing emails.”

    I’m going to talk more to the company and I’ll post something more. In the meantime, thanks for giving more information, Ariel.


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