A Moleskine Covered

By | November 6, 2005

I’ve written about Moleskine notebooks before, which was why Arthur of Renaissance Art handcrafted leather notebooks wrote to me about his Moleskine Journal covers:

About 8 years ago I went shopping for a journal and could find nothing I liked. So, I sat in the aisles of Barnes and Noble and Borders bookstores every nite after work educating myself about how to make books. A few months later I started making my own. Then my hip arthritis made me unable to do my job so I started selling the books I made to supplement my unemployment check. We now sell all over the world from our website, www.renaissance-art.com and employ a few other artists in our studio where we make all of our things. We recently started to make leather covers for the moleskine journals, I saw your blog and here I am writing you.

I also met my life and business partner, Kristel, online. She was in Antwerp at the time. So, in a very real way, technology and the internet have radically changed my life.

Interesting story. Of course, folk may argue the Moleskine covers are plenty nice and tough already, but it’s a nice, personalizing touch. The covers range from $20 to $39, and Arthur offers a discount if you buy the Moleskine itself from him too:

We offer 3 different Moleskine Leather Cover styles: Traditional, Wrap and Tie and our Snap closure which is the one shown above. Two of the covers include pen loops. The pen loops may be ordered in one of 3 different sizes, depending on the the thickness of the pen you prefer to use.

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