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By | November 6, 2005

A few weeks back in a WSJ.com column (subscription only, I’m afraid) I wrote about email trackers — services that track whether emails you send are read, along with other details — and I received a lot of interesting mail from readers, which I will deal with here or in a future column. (For those of you interested, the column appears in The Wall Street Journal Asia’s Friday Weekend Edition. Back issues of the of the column are available here, although once again, I’m afraid it’s subscription only.

Anyway, plug made, here’s a list of the services I was able to come across, along with brief details of what they offer. Any more you know of, please let me know.

  • MessageTag: now into version 2. Lets you know when and whether emails are opened. Works with Gmail, multiple recipients, and lets you be notified vis SMS.
  • DidTheyReadIt? : know when your email was opened, how long it remained opened, where geographically, it was viewed.
  • ReadNotify : tells you when email you sent gets read /re-opened /forwarded and a lot more.

3 thoughts on “A Directory of Email Trackers

  1. Alan O'Rourke

    Not able to read the article so maybe you have already covered the subject. There are a lot of people who view tracking emails in this way sneaky and unethical. I personally am on the fence on the issue but I will not use them because of the risk of a client disliking the practice.

  2. Jeremy

    Alan, thanks for your comment. Yes, in fact that was very much the focus of the piece.

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