Storage Online: The Options

By | November 6, 2005

A reader reminded me I promised a column on how to back up files well. I’m still working on that, but here’s a good article from Marilyn Sweet, writing in the Denver Business Journal’s Bizwomen section. Her recommendations for online storage:

The company I use and depend upon is Go Daddy at Go Daddy will rent you one gigabyte of file storage for $9.95 a year. That’s right. It’s only $10 a year to protect all your digital photos of Uncle Harry playing the accordion at your wedding and your business mailing list. Need more space? Up to 10 gigabytes of space can be rented. Look under the “Business” tab at Go Daddy’s site for online file storage. Go Daddy has 24/7 telephone support and outstanding customer service. Priceless.

A question you might ask is, “What if Go Daddy’s servers are destroyed at the same time?” I don’t want to think about what would be happening in the world if your computer and Go Daddy’s servers in Scottsdale, Ariz., were simultaneously destroyed. I suspect that worrying about my computer files would be the least of my concerns.

Some other options:, five gigabytes for $10 a month;, one gigabyte for $2.99 a month and five gigabytes for $8.99 a month; and (thanks, Mike), 10 gigabytes for $9.95 a month.

Anyone have any other ideas?

6 thoughts on “Storage Online: The Options

  1. Mike

    Bad company ref in your otherwise very useful post: it’s, not

    The latter goes to some spam site.

    When I went to, they seem to offer FREE 10GB, although one has to worry if a FREE account is really worth the money.

    GoDaddy seems to be the best value to me.

  2. Dave

    I have both and each has its own advantages/ disadvantages but GoDaddy’s Online File Folder file storage is better. Streamload has a clunky web interface, spotty uploads, inconsistent performance, and is not all that intuitive to use. Though more expensive on a per-gig uploaded storage basis, GoDaddy’s Online File Folder file storage service works more consistently, is easier to use, more intuitive, and far less frustrating than Streamload. I have looked at just about every other file storage service out there but most others are much more expensive. Currently looking at and for syncing files between computers.

  3. Brad

    You may want to check out (yes that’s my drug pusher…). They allow unlimited storage of photos, as long as you place an order once per year for a photo(s). Nice thing about that service is that when you order, it goes to the Walgreen’s near you, and you just pick them up there. And at 19 cents per photo, I believe. Theoretically, that’s 19 cents a year for unlimited photo storage… One should probably use multiple services, in case of that dreaded “my computer and Go Daddy’s are destroyed concurrently” problem listed earlier…”

  4. Kristina

    I’m writing from Italy and we here have a really fabulous data storage system. You can use it for a very selective sharings, backups, storage, mailings, ecc. It is called xbinary ( You don’t have any limitation and they have also the disaster recovery (double servers).
    The trial version is free…
    Then you can buy all the Gb you want (Euro 4,9 a month for each).
    It’ s great!

  5. hannah

    We are using this online storage service for about 5 years. It hosts the data in multiple world-class data centers.

    The Data Centers have the necessary physical environment to keep the servers up and running 24×7 days. They have custom designed raised floors, state of the art smoke detection system, fire suppression systems, motion sensors, video camera surveillance and security breach alarms.

    These security features ensures you that your data resides at the best highest point of security.


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