Whatever Happened To Downloadable Calendars?

By | November 25, 2004

Whatever happened to those downloadable diary items for Palm and other handhelds? I’m pretty sure I recall a time when you could visit a site, see a schedule you wanted in your Palm and download it with one click.

I guess it might have been vCalendar but that seems to be dead as a dodo. I notice some people still offer this kind of service, but using CSV files, which can’t be that graceful. I notice that Palm offer DualDate, which allows you to share and compare your calendar with someone else. Some worthy folks would offer this kind of thing a few years back as freeware, but I can’t see anything updated in the past couple of years.

But it seems to be me a trick has been missed by Palm and others over this kind of thing. I would like to be able to visit a website, say, of my favourite soccer team and download their whole fixture list into my Treo. Is there no easy way to do this? It should be like RSS: a recognisable button on every site that allows downloading in Palm content straight into a calendar, or address book, or whatever. Looking back, this kind of thing might have saved Palm.

Or am I missing something?

4 thoughts on “Whatever Happened To Downloadable Calendars?

  1. mario

    Good point. Very good point. I definitely agree. Why not? It should be very easy. However, one can only find some “localized” holidays files for free download (palmgear freeware lists some of them). But this is not the best use of Palm calendars…..
    Thanks for signalling

  2. Colin

    Yes, I totally agree, too. I’d love to download a list of historically significant dates (or even trivia like “scientific discoveries and inventions on this date…”, or select the “must see” programmes from the tv schedule and have them automatically inserted into my calendar. I’m sure there are plenty of people who’d also like to download horoscopes for the coming month, or have all the movie stars’ birthdays in their Palm.



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