Phishing Becomes A Commodity

By | August 23, 2004

Interesting to see how phishing has become a threat in its own right, along with viruses and spam, and is becoming part and parcel of ‘security solutions’ offered by the Internet messaging industry.

Take MailFrontier, for example, the Palo Alto-based “pioneer in email security and leading provider of anti-spam solutions” who today announced , today announced its MailFrontier Appliance, which delivers “the industry’s leading email security solution in an optimized, turn-key deployable format”.

The appliance not only promises to block, detect and eliminate 98% of spam, viruses and policy violations, but also includes “patent-pending anti-phishing technology that uniquely identifies and quarantines phishing emails, protecting organizations from these growing email threats”, as well as protection against what it calls “infrastructure attacks” — meaning Denial of Service attacks and directory harvesting. MailFrontier Appliances are enterprise grade and aimed at organizations with more than 1,000 users; pricing starts at $35,000.

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