Another Challenger to MS Office… From India

By | August 23, 2004

A small Indian software company based in Chennai is taking on the big boys.

Tropical Software announced yesterday it has introduced the OfficeMate software suite, “that provides word-processor, spreadsheet, database and presentation capabilities similar to the Microsoft Office, for the Windows platform”. The cost: $50.

The software is actually already in use in India, the company says, and is now launching a trial version in Arabic for the Middle East market. The software apparently includes the ability to maintain “a web based appointment calender, which can be used with mobile phones to deliver details of the users appointment, such as Appointment time, contact name, phone number, address and directions so that users can be alerted via SMS for their upcoming appointments.”

The only problem: I can’t yet find any website for the company involved, but I’m asking for one. I’ll get back to you with more information once I get it.

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