The Maibach Mystery

By | March 15, 2004

Spam, scam, smear or did someone really buy earthenware and a bomb?

You may have recently received a copy of what looks to be weird spam:

You’ve just purchased set of Maibach brand earthenware on web site
Easy to use, Maibach kitchenware is also famous for its modern look.
Our utensils, designed for easy and fast cooking of a variety of foods, will lower your energy consumption rate and save your time and money.

It goes on to trumpet the quality of Maibach’s kitchenware before offering a bonus:

1. Sony VHS cassette with 240 minutes of best underage porno you ever see. (NTSC and Secam both are available)
2. Bestselling manual “How to create plastic bomb in home” and “How to hijack a train or an aircraft, with color pictures and FAQ”

Needless to say, you might be somewhat alarmed by this. Did you buy some earthenware? Is someone using your credit card to buy earthenware? And what is a kitchenware manufacturer doing selling child pornography and bomb-making literature?

Well, it’s a puzzle. Mailbach does exist: It’s a Russian kitchenware manufacturer, and much of the blurb in the email comes direct from their website. The email looks as if it comes from a Russian ISP called RBC, and mentions in the header a website called, which is a site for hackers and carders run by a guy called Don.

Daniel McNamara of Code Fish Spam Watch reckons it’s ”a fake email designed to get this carder site and its supporting network in trouble. We don’t think this has been sent out by any vigilante group and feel that it’s more likely that a rival carder gang is doing it in order to reduce competition. Our inboxes are simply victims of the crossfire in this turf war.”

I think he’s right. But it’s a weird one all the same.

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