More Software To Make Work Easier

By | March 14, 2004

I’m a recent convert to ActiveWords, the wonderful productivity program that I reviewed in a recent column.

But for anyone wanting to experiment with other programs that do something slightly similar — i.e., let you access programs and files through typing names, rather than hunting the files and programs down through menus and whatnot — you might want to check out DoLittle. Just had an interesting chat with its author Olan Butler, Chief Computer Technologist at BHO Technologists, a Kansas-based computer service and networking company.

Olan has been selling the software primarily as part of a broader consultation with customers, but there is a trial version you can play with here. It’s simple, not as extensive as ActiveWords, but has a couple of additions that might appeal to you if you’re just looking for quick access to stuff. Olan is hoping to combine the product with some online tutorials to help users over the initial learning curve.

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