Update: Sobig Is Back

By | August 19, 2003
 Just when you thought it was safe to disable the antivirus software. MessageLabs reports of a fast spreading mass-mailing virus it’s calling W32/Sobig.F-mm.  The initial copies all originated from the United States.
Sobig.F appears to be polymorphic in nature and the email from: address is also spoofed and may not indicate the true identity of the sender.  It may carry the subject line ‘Re: Details’ and say ’Please see the attached file for details.’ in the text.
Attachment names may include: your_document.pif, details.pif, your_details.pif, thank_you.pif,  movie0045.pif, document_Fall.pif, application.pif, document_9446.pif. Watch out. It’s moving rapidly, a bit like babies across the floor.

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