Monthly Archives: August 2003

News: Anti-spam Gaming Phone For The Hip

It’s hard to be innovative in mobile phones these days but that doesn’t stop Nokia from trying. Often the results are dreadful. Here’s news of one that may not be: the Nokia 2300. Aimed squarely at young-minded, fun-loving people (who isn’t?) in new growth markets such as China, India and Russia, the Nokia 2300 features an… Read More »

News: Hotels Ban Phones, Sort Of

 From the very sizeable Cheapskate Hoteliers Dept comes a report (thanks from Scotland of a mobile phone jamming scam, as exposed by the Daily Record. Businessman Ronnie McGuire, the paper says, is flooding Scotland with high-tech phone jammers that are illegal to use. Sold to hotels, restaurants, bars and bed and breakfasts, the devices… Read More »

News: Terra Lycos Invents Blogging

For those of you keen to emulate the runaway success of the loose wire blog, Terra Lycos , “the global Internet Group”, are trumpeting their Tripod Blog Builder which this month won Editor’s Choice from PC Magazine. “Every step of the way, we found Tripod Blog Builder a pleasure and easy to use,” the rag… Read More »