Handphones And The End of Lying

By | August 28, 2003
 Hate people lying to you over the phone? Your worries are a thing of the past with the Agile Lie Detector. It’s software you download to your smart-phone: “Agile Lie Detector meassures the amount of stress caused by lying in a person’s voice and displays this information in a graph in real-time. When using the headset Agile Lie Detector provides you with a visual indication of whether or not someone is lying to you.”
I kinda like the disclaimer: “WARNING: This software is for entertainment purposes only. This product is not intended for covert use. You must disclose to subjects that they are being submitted to a lie detector test prior to any testing, failing to do so may be against the law in your jurisdiction and is a violation of the terms of use of this software.” You can imagine the conversations:
A: Where are you honey?
B: (to background sound of techno music and male cheers) Er… at the office.
A: Mind if I submit you to a lie detector test on that, honey?
B: Er…. Yes. I mean no. Gotta go. Conference call.

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