News: Anti-spam Gaming Phone For The Hip

By | August 28, 2003
It’s hard to be innovative in mobile phones these days but that doesn’t stop Nokia from trying. Often the results are dreadful. Here’s news of one that may not be: the Nokia 2300. Aimed squarely at young-minded, fun-loving people (who isn’t?) in new growth markets such as China, India and Russia, the Nokia 2300 features an alarm clock, a calculator, an FM radio, three games and an internal hands-free speaker. It also stops spam.
There’s also some changes to the keypad and navigating buttons, via “a new 4-way scroll with a Navi key” for fast messaging and gaming. Right scrolling provides a shortcut to the menus or options lists, allowing users to access features quickly or accomplish selected tasks without going through the complete menu sequence.
To help users monitor their mobile usage, the Nokia 2300 offers an in-call timer for checking the duration of a call, as well as an SMS counter to keep track of the number of text messages sent or received. The Nokia 2300 is also the first Nokia phone to enable users to filter out junk text messages from unwanted numbers.

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