Update: The Blaster non-Blast

By | August 19, 2003
 Blaster turned out to be less of one, at least in terms of the Internet storm it was supposed to whip up. Still, I’ve heard of plenty of infections. IDG reports that the attack on Microsoft Corp.’s main software update Web site did not materialize Saturday, despite infecting half a million PCs, as computers infected with the W32.Blaster worm failed to find their target.
Turns out the worm provided the incorrect domain address for the target. So Microsoft merely delisted the windowsupdate.com domain name, and the worm, not knowing where to go, didn’t go anywhere. Doesn’t help those of you infected, but most of you seem to be cleaning yourselves up:
The number of Blaster infections is also down more than 80 percent since the worm’s peak on Monday, indicating that vulnerable computers are being cleaned and patched by their owners, IDG says.

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