Update: Congressman Wrestle Spammers to the Ground

By | July 23, 2003

Here’s more on my earlier posting about congress, spam and a new survey.

Here’s the survey link. “In general our study suggests that consumers want government to provide greater protection against spammers,” commented Dr. Larry Ponemon, chairman and founder of Ponemon Institute. “We hope our joint study provides insight on consumers’ concerns about the growing frequency of spam and the role government and industry should play in curtailing abuse.” The study was released at a press conference called by Senator Charles Schumer whose Stop Pornography and Abusive Marketing Act (The SPAM ACT) would create a do-not-spam list. (No really, that’s the acronym.)

“The emailing public has been at the mercy of spammers for way too long. This survey confirms that people are screaming out to be empowered with the ability to stop the constant flow of unsolicited e-mails into their in-boxes,” said Schumer. “My anti-spam bill fights spam on two fronts: It gives e-mail users the ability to put their names on a list to stop getting spammed and gives law enforcement the ability to go after those spammers that send this junk.” Hurray.

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