McAfee Comes Late To Rev. Bayes’ Party

McAfee seems to have come somewhat late to the spam party: Network Associates, Inc. , ‘the leader in intrusion prevention solutions’, today announced that it has incorporated “powerful new Bayesian filtering into the latest McAfee SpamAssassin engine”. What, only now? Bayesian filtering is a pretty powerful weapon in the war against spam. I use POPFile …

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New Variation Of Bagle Spreading Fast

More virus trouble afoot. This time it’s a variation of Bagle. MessageLabs reports that it’s intercepted more than 10,000 copies in an hour as of this morning. Most seem to be from the UK and the U.S, although the first copy it received was from Poland. It appears to be a mass-mailing worm, installing a …

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Update: Blaster Graph

 Network Associates say that over 1.2 million systems have been affected from the Lovsan/Blaster threat, also know as W32/Lovsan.worm which is continuing to spread at a steady rate and is infecting over 30,000 systems per hour during peak times. A detailed graph of the worm’s progress can be found in