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iPad Pro Thoughts

Jean-Louis Gassée again hits the right note in his piece on the iPad Pro: Wrong Questions | Monday Note. Tim Cook shouldn’t go around saying it will replace the laptop. It might for him, but the laptop/PC has evolved to be … Continue reading

24. November 2015 by jeremy
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Behind the iPad’s sluggish sales

Sameer Singh offers some possible reasons for the fall in iPad sales:  Pocketable vs. Tablet Computing | Tech-Thoughts by Sameer Singh: “With this background, the sudden decline in iPad sales may have been caused by a combination of the following … Continue reading

25. April 2014 by jeremy
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The Tablet is the Computer

One thing discussed often and at great length in nerdy circles these days is this: Is the tablet—by which we really mean the Apple iPad, because it created the market, and presently accounts for nearly two thirds of it—a computer. … Continue reading

24. January 2012 by jeremy
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