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Interview With The Guy Behind The Klips

In today’s Asian Wall Street Journal and in (subscription only, I’m afraid) I talk about widgets — sometimes called dashboards — as an alternative, or addition, to RSS. Here is the transcript of an email/IM interview I did with Allan Wille, president and CEO of Serence, the company behind Klips: The new Folio looks good. what’s the main new feature in this version? Based on customer feedback, mostly from Content Providers, images and a richer content experience were very key. Much of that had to do with increased branding capabilities as well. So images are likely the BIG feature in KlipFolio 3.0. Enterprise toContinue readingInterview With The Guy Behind The Klips

Another RSS Reader

I’m still looking for the perfect newsreader. Here’s another candidate: Newzie. It boasts News Bar System Tray Popup Notifier News Highlights News SlideShow Content Filtering Enhanced Tabbed-Windows Newzie in DeskBar Mode Spacious Browsing Read Posts in Decoration or List Mode Track Activities and Feel the Recency in Colors (whatever that means) Newzie is free, and has some interesting ideas behind it. I’m checking it out and will get back to you. (Here’s a list, not recently updated, of RSS readers. More suggestions welcome.)

News, And Tumbling Words

An interesting way of looking at news: 10×10 / 100 Words and Pictures that Define the Time / by Jonathan J. Harris: Every hour, 10×10 scans the RSS feeds of several leading international news sources, and performs an elaborate process of weighted linguistic analysis on the text contained in their top news stories. After this process, conclusions are automatically drawn about the hour’s most important words. The top 100 words are chosen, along with 100 corresponding images, culled from the source news stories. At the end of each day, month, and year, 10×10 looks back through its archives to conclude the top 100 words forContinue readingNews, And Tumbling Words

A New Version Of Awasu, The Innovative RSS Reader

One of the more impressive RSS readers, Awasu, has a new release out —– 2.1 — with some interesting new features: archives feed content. search of your archived content. search agents that constantly monitor your feeds for content of interest. support for podcasting (enclosures) and native support for Atom feeds. Awasu is available in free, advanced and professional versions. It also supports several plugins which let you monitor individual pages, see your email, scrape parts of pages to make a feed and combine several feeds into one. More RSS readers here (sorry for the weird formatting on that page; scroll down to see the directory). IContinue readingA New Version Of Awasu, The Innovative RSS Reader

A Directory Of RSS Variants

This week’s Loose Wire column is about how to get RSS feeds without too much palaver. Full text at the Far Eastern Economic Review (subscription required, trial available) or at (subscription required). Old columns at here. Here’s some other stuff I wasn’t able to include in the column for reasons of space (I’ve removed the blurb, but all are worth checking out. More detailed reviews to follow). All involve feeds in some form or another, but aren’t straight standalone RSS readers, either because they’re web-based or because they do other stuff as well. Additions/corrections/opinions as welcome as ever. NewsMonster  the seeker  Omea ActiveRefresh wURLdBookContinue readingA Directory Of RSS Variants

A New Kind Of RSS Reader For Macs

For Mac fans, there’s a new RSS and Atom News Reader for OS X, with an interesting new twist. Mesa Dynamics today said it had released Tickershock, “an interactive RSS and Atom news headline reader inspired by the news crawls of 24-hour cable news channels”. Tickershock, it says, is “a departure from typical RSS applications that emulate web browser or email reader environments. Focusing on the “push” nature of the technology, Tickershock aims to be a passive experience only until the user decides a headline is worth exploring: a double-click on a news headline brings up a “News Inspector” from which one can explore aContinue readingA New Kind Of RSS Reader For Macs

The Klip Marches On

Serence, the company behind the RSS-like Klip, is about to launch a new version, which offers some interesting new features that could well give the standard a bit more edge in the face of the RSS revolution. Indeed, given that practically any RSS or Atom feed can be read in Klip form, one could argue that Klips are just a better way to read RSS. (Here’s an earlier posting on Klips.) KlipFolio version 2.6, to be launched today (no URL available at time of writing), will include the following new features (I’m quoting from an email from Serence’s Allan Wille here): Networked and Local Data Access.Continue readingThe Klip Marches On

WSJ Gets Into RSS

I’m late figuring this out, but is now offering RSS feeds (I found out about it from reading Nick Bradbury’s blog). Of course, this is tremendous news. The feeds number only 13 so far, and will only have headlines for non-subscribers. The good news: Walt Mossberg is available in XML. The bad news: the weekly Loose Wire column of which this blog is a close cousin isn’t. Of course, if you all write angry letters they might change their mind. OK, I promise, that’s the last plug I give myself. I hate it when people promote themselves all the time. No, really.

RSS, The NYT, And The Future

Continuing the theme of RSS, here’s a couple of tidbits: has expanded its Really Simple Syndication offerings to 27 categories including new feeds such as Most E-mailed Articles, Multimedia and Week in Review. Mediathink, a ‘full service marketing firm’, has released a White Paper on entitled “RSS – The Next Big Thing Online.” The White Paper outlines the marketing and media implications of this new online channel and evaluates 12 RSS newsreaders (Active Refresh, Amphetadesk, Feeddemon, Feedreader, Meerkat, MyNetscape, Newsgator, Newzcrawler, Scopeware Newswatcher, Sharpreader, Syndic8, and Tristana). MediaThink’s conclusion: RSS will go beyond text “to allow for easier access and filtering of audio andContinue readingRSS, The NYT, And The Future

RSSpam, And The End Of A Medium’s Innocence

Will spam kill off RSS? I’m a bit late spotting this, but I noticed today that Moreover’s RSS feeds contain a lot of ads. noticed the same thing about a month ago. In fact there’s already been quite a discussion about the phenomenon, since not only Moreover does it. Indeed, there’s some talk that Blogger is actually inserting ads into the news feeds of its users. What’s worrying is that all this is going on without much thought towards — or the consent of — the end-user. Moreover’s feeds, for example, not only include no AD: prefix that may help the user get aContinue readingRSSpam, And The End Of A Medium’s Innocence

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