Tony’s Camera

Tony’s Camera
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How many people, I wonder, have had this experience: a nightmare with a smartphone and a return to trusty basics. My friend Tony has a BlackBerry, but this is his phone of choice, and after his N91 died in midflight (literally) he decided he wouldn’t take a chance on a phone being anything more than a phone anymore. This ancient museum-piece is now his main phone and he’s very happy with it. And he being in telecoms too!

17. February 2008 by jeremy
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  1. i have a similarily ancient nokia, they’re built like tanks, have big clear keypads, and keep the ui to a min. genius!

  2. I also picked up a “classic” Nokia phone last year for when I travel around Asia for my “local SIMs”.

    My primary handset is a Blackberry. But I am so used to the typing style of Nokia – I type SMSes faster on it with one hand than my 2 thumbs can type on the BB!

  3. I was using a Treo 300 (circa 2002) for most of the past year after I lost my Treo 700… just thought I’d share.

  4. I loved mine too, it just last year “died”