Treo 650 Spontaneous Reboot When Sending SMS Messages

Here’s a tip that’s completely useless for anyone who a) doesn’t have a Treo and b) hasn’t had their Treo spontaneously reboot when sometimes sending SMS text messages. As I couldn’t find this solution elsewhere, I thought I’d post it here for now.

  • Go to the home page of the Treo and in the ‘App’ menu select Delete…
  • Scroll down the list until you find Messages Database. (You’re now going to delete all your past SMS messages, but it’s a small price to pay.)
  • Delete it.

Your Treo should work fine now.

35 thoughts on “Treo 650 Spontaneous Reboot When Sending SMS Messages

  1. SO SIMPLE. God, I’ve tried everything with this rebooting problem. Updates, downloads, other message boards. Why couldn’t anyone figure this out?
    You saved me and my treo, which I was ready to chuck out the window.
    Thank you, thank you.

  2. Question. Now that I’ve deleted the messages database from my treo, do i need to do the same thing on my computer? Will that message thread sync back on the next time I hot sync?

  3. Andrew, not sure about that. I found I didn’t need to do anything more than that, but if you’re still having problems it might be worth doing.

  4. Well, I tried deleting the Messages database as suggested, and my shiny new Treo 650 rebooted on the very next message I sent, so it doesn’t seem to be a complete fix. 🙁 I’ll try deleting it again and see what happens.

  5. Thank you very much for your tip, it really works!!!! Thank you very much 🙂

    Best regards,
    Kee Sing from Singapore

  6. can somebody help me with my treo 650…it seems that everytime i got a call from someone my treo reboots…

  7. Thank you for this tid-bit of information. T-mobile had me on the phone for over an hour of trouble-shooting and they were unable to help me with this. Palm’s support forums had no info on this as well. THANK YOU!!!

  8. Jeremy you are a savior.
    Just got this phone 4 days ago in Shanghai when the persistent auto reboots happened and I am not planning to fly to shanghai to get a replacement.
    Thanks a million.

    Effendy in Jakarta

  9. Let me add my voice to the thanks above. I was VERY frustrated about the reboots whenever I tried to text anything. My wife is away in LA with the National Guard, and we could only communicate with texts. When this problem happened I tried all the usual things, and nothing worked. Then I stumbled on this and it fixed it up. THANK YOU again.

  10. thank you so much for your serendipity regarding this heartbreaking problem of spontaneous rebooting with the treo 650. I tried all the possibilities of palmone support…an horrible jungle where a specialist coudn’t find so simple solution! Incredible! Many thanks from Belgium

  11. Thanks so much for taking the time to post this solution. It was very frustrating as it only was occurring with one number I was messaging to. Other numbers worked just fine. I did the delete of the DB and it worked!!! Thanks Again. 🙂

  12. My girlfriend had the problem. It got so bad that when I sent her a text message it would reboot her phone (and then I could not call her). This fixed it!!!

    You da man!!!

  13. I am having a problem with my Treo where it would reboot when deleting already received SMS messages. I have deleted the database as you suggested. I am hoping this fixes the issue so I don’t have to resort to something more violent… 🙂

  14. I have a Treo 600. It is doing the exact same thing, I tap on SMS and it reboots. But I do not follow (understand ) your instructions. I do not know seem to have apps. How do I get into the msgs database on the 600? Thanks

  15. Don, thanks for this. Go to the Home page (usually the Home button on your Palm/Treo — the one with all the application icons on). In the App menu, go to delete. Scroll down until you see the msgs file as explained in the post.

    Hope this helps.

    Best, Jeremy

  16. while the problem mentioned occurs when sending sms, my problem is when i am deleting some of my messages , then that’s the time i would encounter the spontaneous reboot,and ALL my messages are gone, help !!!

  17. thanks man, appreciate the help. I was looking through FileZ and wasn’t sure what file to delete… but I knew I had to dump the db. Your post made it really easy.

    What was funny for me is that I had a text message come in that was tagged as a multimedia message, but when I would go to open it nothing was there and when I tried to delete it, my phone would reboot. That was a few days ago.. and then tonight it started rebooting every time I wanted to send a message and it rebooted on my while talking on the phone.

    Delete the DB seemed to do the trick.

  18. I had similar problem but instead of deleting the Messages Database, I deleted those contacts to/from whom Treo would reboot upon sms and re-entered those contacts.

  19. I replaced my Palm Treo 600 with a Palm Treo 650. First I hot synced and backed my Palm 600 data. I installed the new Palm 650 software in the same location the Palm 600 desktop software was installed. My t-mobile SIM was placed in the Palm 650 and all data seemed to transfer. The exception to this was my text messages from my 600. The 600 used the application SMS v.1.0.1 to log text messages. The Treo 650 uses Messaging v.2.0. Any new messages that I have received since switching the phones use the later application. I really need to keep the “old” messages and would like them to transfer. It appears as if the SMS application is locked so I can not beam it over to the Treo 650. Is there a way to beam locked applications? I have another question. Are these messages stored on the SIM card .. or are they a application that should have been picked up when I installed the new Palm Desktop software?

    Any ideas what I can do to resolve this?

  20. Thanks man,

    It helped me to solve my customer problem.Gosh had a hard time to figure it out man.

  21. thank god for your blog page! had this problem for a year, couldn’t find any fix for it from palm’s useless support page.

  22. Well it still works I was already looking at a replacement for my 650. Now if you can tell me how to sync a 600 and a 650 to my work computer and home computer I will fall to my knees and worship you!

  23. Thank you so so so much.

    I was loosing my mind and pissing off friends. All I did was delete the database and messaging works again. Thought I was going to have to buy a new phone.


  24. I just got a new treo 650…. my old one had a few broken parts…i tried to beam my over $160 worth of applications but can’t. is there any way to unlock and do this?

  25. Thanks so much! I was thinking I’d have to run out and get a new phone and after 1 minute of searching on Google I found this simple and money saving solution.

  26. I couldn’t find Messages Database under the App > Delete menu, so I deleted an option that said SMS Messages 2. /:

    All my text chat logs are still there…does anyone know what I deleted? And do I need it? x]

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