A Skype Rival?

A rival to Skype? broadband reports talks about Jajah:

Jajah is a new Skype-like IP based communications client that seems to offer more features than Skype. In particular, it claims an ability to seamlessly handle SMS, bridge to Skype and SIP phones, and send video (as well as the usual low priced direct-to-phone calling rates).

I haven’t checked it out yet.

28. June 2005 by jeremy
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Comments (4)

  1. Bah!

    I went over to check it out and…?

    “Mac OS X Version is coming soon”

    That really gets on my goat!

  2. I wouldn’t bother – the skype bridge has never been up and running since i’ve tried it and at the moment there are very few people on it. The interface is just weird and very difficult to use.

  3. its been 24 hours now i havnt successfully register and enter their network..i dnt know whats going on …anyone here managed to make it work?

  4. As we heard Skype was bought by Ebay – very interesting. In the URl you’ll find a interesting comparison of landline & mobile rates of Skype, Gizmo, JAJAH and VoIPbuster. All cutting edge VoIP-softphones.