Another Task Manager

In this week’s column (subscription only, I’m afraid) I write about online calendars, mentioning towards the end of it Backpack, an excellent online project and stuff organiser using Ajax. Here’s a slightly different version of the same thing, sproutliner:

Sproutliner is a free web service that helps you manage your projects and ideas (think of it as a supercharged structured to-do list). It uses some rather smashing client-side technology to make things as quick and easy as possible, without forcing you to worry about hitting ‘submit’ to save your precious data.

2 thoughts on “Another Task Manager

  1. What about a task organizer that allows freeform entries but also can be exported to a SmartPhone? I’m thinking of things like CDs I want to check out — I keep them as Outlook notes now but would love something a little more elegant, but would have access to as I’m browsing a record store.

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