Save Your Skype Contacts

Further to my last post, miraculously my Skype contacts have been recovered, I have no idea what I did, or whether the newer versions of Skype have solved this lost contact problem.

Anyhow, here’s a tool that will at least allow you to save your contacts and call list, courtesy of Ryan Farley. It’s a neat little program which will save your contacts and call list, although it won’t import them into Skype: That would have to be done manually, but at least you wouldn’t have to trawl around for their user names. As Ryan puts it: Not what I set out to solve, but at least now I can get a list of all my Skype contacts (and calls if I need them). This way when I reformat my computer or set up Skype on a new computer I don’t have to lookup all my contacts since I’ll have my list. At least that is something, right?

Oh, and there’s an online vote been going on for a couple of months now at the Skype forums for a form of contacts preservation, either on Skype’s server, or an export/import ability. If you feel strongly about having to get permission from your contacts every time you change, reformat, or mess up your computer, sign up.

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