News: Bothered By Mosquitoes? Use Your Cellphone

 From the Why Use Bugspray When You Can Use Your Cellphone Dept, a report from the Korea Times on a new service by SK Telecom. Its seems South Korea’s top mobile operator is offering downloadable ring tones which, er, generate anti-mosquito sound waves that deter mosquitoes within a range of one metre.
The mosquito repelling service uses a particular spectrum of sound waves, which are undetectable by human ears. But the frequencies annoy mosquitoes, SK Telecom said. And presumably you, when you get the bill, at 3,000 won a download. One of the other downsides pointed out by the correspondent is that “the service takes up more battery power, but customers can effectively use the service with rechargeable equipment.” Or you could just throw your cellphone at the mosquitoes when the battery runs out.
Who said technology isn’t making our lives easier?