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The Proud Legacy of the New Web

By | August 24, 2010

My weekly column for the Loose Wire Servce. A few things I had to do this week brought me to the same conclusion: Companies that don’t get simplicity are struggling. First off, I have been writing a paper on social media. What we used to call Web 2.0, basically. Now that everything we do is Web 2.0 it’s… Read More »

Anticipative Computing

By | May 16, 2007

Robert Vamosi of Webware quotes MIcrosoft’s research czar Craig Mundie as saying computers need to get smarter about what we do and use their CPU to do stuff before we sit down to work. I’m all for it, but shouldn’t we have already got here? clipped from www.webware.com Mundie says current software poorly utilizes the full CPU potential… Read More »

Does Google Bar Adwords That Compete With Gmail?

By | June 16, 2005

Google has removed an adword on its search engine placed by a competitor to its Gmail service. AlienCamel, an Australia-based email service (full disclosure: I use the service), applied to have the word ‘webmail’, along with several others, inserted into the ‘sponsored links’ section of Google’s search pages when people entered the search ‘webmail’. After initially accepting the… Read More »