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FriendsReunited, At a Price

By | October 9, 2007

  Before Facebook, we had to find our friends on FriendsReunited, a very successful UK site that achieved critical mass but had one flaw: users had to pay to communicate with each other. It only struck me now that there’s something a little unethical about that. Take, for example, what just happened to me: someone I haven’t seen… Read More »

Web 2.0 Ain’t About the Technology

By | October 3, 2007

Scoble makes some good points in a blog posting about why Microsoft, and more specifically his old boss Steve Ballmer, doesn’t get Web 2.0. I don’t agree with everything Robert says, but he has an understanding of this era of the web born of living and working in its eye the past seven years: “There can’t be any… Read More »

Update: Friendster is a Noun. It’s Official

By | July 17, 2003

 You know you’ve arrived when your website name becomes a noun or a verb (and people making fun of your name in school doesn’t count, which rules me out). Friendster, the social-networking service I mentioned a few weeks back, will hit 1 million users this week, and is expanding at a rate of 20 percent a week, Wired… Read More »