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This week’s column – Snarf

By | April 16, 2004

This week’s Loose Wire column is about Bluetooth security:  Next time you’re carrying your whiz-bang Bluetooth phone watch out: Serious flaws mean your contact numbers and other info stored in the phone could be stolen without you even knowing it. This latest threat is called Bluesnarfing.   Full text at the Far Eastern Economic Review (subscription required, trial… Read More »

The Dangers Of Snarf

By | April 1, 2004

Is Bluesnarfing something to worry about? Yes, according to an Austrian study. In the middle of last month a researcher at Salzburg’s Research Forschungsgesellschaft mbH, Martin Herfurt, set up a laptop and Bluetooth dongle near the public restrooms in Hall 11 at CeBIT, Europe’s biggest IT-exposition in Hannover. He then started to sniff for Bluetooth cellphones. In four days… Read More »

Bluetooth And The Art Of Sex

By | March 23, 2004

Is Bluetooth helping Brits meet each other and have sex? Apparently, according to WIRED, which reports on a new craze called ‘toothing’ (couldn’t they have come up with something sexier?). Toothing involves using the Bluetooth feature in a cellphone — used to transfer data between one Bluetooth device and another, without wires — to send messages to another… Read More »