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Steganography And The War On Child Porn

By | November 1, 2004

A few weeks ago I wrote about steganography — the hiding of information inside other stuff, usually referring these days to hiding data inside photographs (FEER column here, WSJ.com here; both subscription only). One usage I missed was in trying to track down paedophiles. So instead of bad guys hiding their bad stuff inside other files, police appear… Read More »

A Dream Of Intelligent Luggage Tags

By | July 9, 2004

Something I’ve long dreamt of: An intelligent luggage tag. Here’s a concept for a Bluetooth luggage tag that lights up when it’s in range of your Bluetooth gadget, helping you to identify it on the carousel. The Bluebird tag would contain additional information, so should it go astray the luggage could be returned to you. You could have… Read More »

Use Your Phone As A Barcode Scanner

By | December 12, 2003

infoSync World reports of new software that allows camera phone users to take a picture of a barcode and then, say, retrieve information about the product: whether it’s cheaper elsewhere, dietary information, or downloading music samples from a poster advertising a new album. The product, ScanZoom, is made by US-based software company Scanbuy. The article points out that… Read More »