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HandyMan.Com, Coming Your Way

Here’s something for U.S. readers only: Find a computer repair guy online. For individuals and companies that can’t afford IT support personnel, ComputerRepair.com offers access to more than 3,000 technicians in all 50 states, and counting. It’s a kind of eBay of tech support: Users are encouraged to post their feedback and rate those computer repair… Read More »

Software: Cut Out The Bull

 Here’s an interesting download for ya: software from a consulting firm that scours your company’s documents for ‘biz-buzz’ and suggests alternatives. It’s called Bullfighter (get it?) from Deloitte Consulting and it’s a plug-in that attaches itself to Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. I read about it in a NYT/IHT column by Randall Rothenberg, who describes himself… Read More »