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A Lesson From the Underground

By | February 2, 2006

Security is as much about giving people information as it is about building security systems. That’s the message from the managing director of the London Undergound, Tim O’Toole, but it could as easily apply to personal computer security. Don Phillips’ piece in today’s International Herald Tribune could offer useful lessons to software developers and anyone trying to keep trojans,… Read More »

Phishing Victim Fights Back

By | February 10, 2005

It had to happen some time. Phishing victims are fighting back — against their banks. A Miami Businessman is sueing Bank of America according to AccountingWEB.com and other sources:  Joe Lopez, a Miami businessman who regularly conducts business over the Internet, is suing Bank of America for negligence and failure to provide protection for online banking risks of which… Read More »

Could Plaxo Be Phished?

By | March 19, 2004

(For more discussion, and expansion of some points in this posting, go here.) For those folk already concerned about privacy with Plaxo’s contact updating service, this is not good news. ZDNet reports that Plaxo has “plugged a serious security hole in its Web site on Monday that left its members’ contact lists vulnerable to be stolen, modified or deleted.” The… Read More »