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The Price of Worms

By | June 3, 2004

How damaging are worms? Very, says Sandvine Inc, a Canada based Internet security company. It says that the main damage is on ISPs who lose bandwidth to them, and face daily Denial of Service attacks. “In fact,” Sandvine says in one new report (PDF, registration required), ”Internet worms and the malicious, malformed data traffic they generate are wreaking havoc… Read More »

The Trojan Spammer: You

By | June 2, 2004

You, my friend, may be the problem. Further to my earlier posting about worms, here’s another piece from Sandvine (actually today, I think: This was the one I was looking for originally. So far it’s not on their website): It looks at how spam trojans — the bits dropped on board a PC by the worms mentioned earlier… Read More »