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Why Hasn’t China Cracked Down on Its Rainmen?

By | January 19, 2006

Another mainstream media look at the alleged “Titan Rain” cyberwar strategy of the Chinese, where organised, highly disciplined and experienced gangs ferret around in Western computers. This one is from today’s Guardian Unlimited — Smash and grab, the hi-tech way: Sources involved in tracking down the gang say the Chinese group is just one of a number of… Read More »

A Directory Of Firewalls

By | August 7, 2004

Hardware firewalls are not included in this list. For an excellent comparison of some of these programs see PCPro’s article. Kerio Blurb:  Kerio Personal Firewall (KPF) helps users control how their computers exchange data with other computers on the Internet or local network. Kerio Personal Firewall is a necessity for all desktop computers connected to broadband Internet, using DSL,… Read More »

It’ll Soon Be Firewall Day

By | January 13, 2004

This Thursday, in case you didn’t know, Personal Firewall Day. I was pretty excited about the idea too until I realised there were no parades and opportunities to dress up. Still, it’s a great way of trying to persuade people that having a firewall in place on your computer is no longer a luxury, or something that nerdy… Read More »

Mail: Some Mac Tips

By | September 21, 2003

 This from Graham Holliday, a Mac user, on some Mac alternatives to what I’ve been discussing in previous weeks: Owning a Mac really is the first step for any serious antivirus activist it would seem…. “Mac users face just 50 recognized viruses today, while PC users have 85,000 threats to their security. London-based firm mi2g says: “Mac customers running… Read More »