Mail: Some Mac Tips

By | September 21, 2003
 This from Graham Holliday, a Mac user, on some Mac alternatives to what I’ve been discussing in previous weeks:
Owning a Mac really is the first step for any serious antivirus activist it would seem…. “Mac users face just 50 recognized viruses today, while PC users have 85,000 threats to their security. London-based firm mi2g says: “Mac customers running Mac OS X, an implementation of BSD, benefit from BSD’s proven reputation as being one of the most secure operating systems available.” [MacWorld]
When you mention one of your favourite topics (firewalls), you often mention Zone Alarm. You might also like to mention the free (sharware) for Mac Brickhouse. Macs have an inbuilt firewall, but this makes it easy to set up for normal tech-averse folk.
BTW found Mac RSI software here.
Thanks, Graham. Very helpful.

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