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More On Damage Estimates And The Myth-Making Urge

By | February 3, 2004

It was bound to happen, and it always pays to be first: Who’s going to estimate how much damage MyDoom did? Rob Rosenberger, editor of Vmyths, predicted it right: The winner is British security consultant mi2g, which reckons the damage will cost us all $38.5 billion. That’s a lot of cash. Vmyths is not impressed, dismissing it as ‘completely… Read More »

Viruses And The Russian Connection

By | February 2, 2004

As feared, MyDoom seems to come from Russia. Or does it? The Moscow Times quotes Kaspersky Labs as saying they used location-sensing software to trace the first e-mails infected with MyDoom back to addresses with Russian Internet providers. “It’s scary, but most serious viruses are written in Russia,” said Denis Zenkov, spokesman for Kaspersky, the country’s largest anti-virus… Read More »

Now, The MyDoom Backslapping

By | January 31, 2004

Queue trumpets. The security software folk have started congratulating themselves for saving us from MyDoom. Here’s DeepNines Technologies, “the only company to offer a security platform that includes firewall, intrusion prevention and gateway anti-virus functionality in front of the router”, which says: “Companies that have Sleuth9 deployed in front of the router, are finding that approximately 1.5 out… Read More »

What Is This Virus REALLY All About?

By | January 29, 2004

Further to my outburst about how network administrators and anti-virus companies may be making the whole MyDoom thing worse, here’s a similar take, albeit more detailed and informed than mine, from Attrition.org. The message: Treat all emails ‘notifying’ you that you have a virus as spam and inform the administrator/company/ISP accordingly. Thanks to the excellent TechDirt for pointing… Read More »

MyDoom Is Smart, The Internet Is Dumb

By | January 28, 2004

The MyDoom virus appears to be bigger than SoBig. But for me the problem has not been MyDoom, but the dumb traffic it has created. MyDoom spoofs the From field in the emails it creates to spread, so that anyone receiving a virus-laden email will not know, in most cases, who it comes from. This is not in… Read More »