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X1 Goes Pro

The guys at X1, one of the best search programs I’ve seen, say the program is now official. Mark Goodstein, founder of X1, says the software is now officially out of beta and is available at a 50% discount for those in the know (i.e. people who read this blog, among a few others.) It’s looking in… Read More »

Update: X1 About To Hit Version 3

 For file searching and indexing fans, X1 is about to release version 3.0 (probably on Monday). And it’s not going to be in a free version anymore. This from Mark Goodstein: “Version 2.0 will remain free (the non-Pro version of the product) but there will no longer be a free component of version 3.0. We… Read More »

Update: X1 Improvements On Their Way

 Further to my posting about X1, the indexing program, X1’s chief cook Mark Goodstein says they are promising an update soon that includes: PDF (Acrobat_ and Zip contents indexing. Attachments indexing and display (for Outlook and Eudora). Tighter Outlook integration (responding, moving, etc., from within X1). Some improvements in the interface and performance stuff. Sounds… Read More »

Mail: Is X1 Really A Rat?

 A reader wrote the following about X1, an search and indexing program which I reviewed recently:   I read your article, liked what I heard, and installed the product.  It is as good as you described. However, I had reason to run PestPatrol, due to some weird behavior against my ZoneAlarm Pro firewall. The run of… Read More »