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A New Search Toolbar — from Copernic

By | December 11, 2003

This from the folks at Copernic, who produced a wonderful search engine called, er, Copernic, that has, perhaps, been overtaken by Google: introducing Copernic Meta, “completely new search software that can search multiple search engines in under a second directly from the Windows desktop bar or an IE browser”. The file is a tad over a megabyte, and… Read More »

Software: Google’s New Deskbar

By | November 7, 2003

 If you’re not a big user of Internet Explorer, Microsoft’s browser — and therefore no fan of Google’s Toolbar — you may be interested in their new Deskbar.     It sits in the bar at the bottom of your (Windows) screen, wherein you can type ordinary searches, image searches, even definitions and movie reviews. The answers pop… Read More »

Mail: More On Searching

By | September 19, 2003

 First off, apologies for the silence the past couple of days: I was downed by ‘flu. Anyway, here’s some mail from a reader and fellow blogger, David Brake, Internet consultant & journalist, who runs http://davidbrake.org/ and http://blog.org/ on the subject of Searching. I just tried out x1 and while like you I like the idea of a free local… Read More »

Software: Lots of Desktops

By | July 24, 2003

From the Hasn’t This Sort of Thing Been Around a While? Dept, please welcome ManageDesk. This program manages multiple virtual desktops from the Windows taskbar with ManageDesk. You can choose a different background for each desktop and run different applications on different desktops. ManageDesk has simple drag & drop interface that allows windows to easily be moved from… Read More »

Update: Google

By | July 23, 2003

Further to my earlier report about Google’s updated toolbar, check out their more advanced news search. Not bad. (This link was from the excellent Search Engine Lowdown blog by Andy Beal.) Related Posts:Update: Office Update You Should Probably Have November 5, 2003 How To Phish Google October 25, 2004 Google The Portal? December 13, 2003 Google’s Missteps August… Read More »