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The Buzztracker Widget

By | June 8, 2005

Craig Mod of the excellent buzztracker news/map visualizer tells me of a new tool he’s created for Mac Tiger users: the buzztracker widget: The buzztracker widget allows you to add live buzztracker images and data to your desktop using Apple OS X 10.4’s Dashboard. The widget features hooks into buzztracker.org, allowing you to instantly access the day’s top… Read More »

A Jef Raskin Interview From A Year Ago

By | March 17, 2005

I only just found out that Jef Raskin passed away last month. I thought I would post an email interview I had with him a year ago to illustrate some of his thinking in his last year: On Mar 9, 2004, at 7:22 AM, Jeremy Wagstaff wrote: Jef, sounds better if I send the questions by email… I… Read More »

A Short Essay From Jef Raskin

By | March 17, 2005

Further to the previous post, honouring the fact that Jef Raskin passed away last month, I thought I would post a little essay he sent me a year ago to illustrate some of his thinking in his last year: Genesis and Goals of The Humane Environment Our increasing knowledge about human behavior and mental processes, as applied to… Read More »

Killing The XP Crash Message

By | February 5, 2005

Nothing new here, but I figured worth passing a tip from Annoyances.org for those of you who want to stop Windows XP from asking if you want to send a report to Microsoft whenever a program crashes. Annoyances.org offers the following: * Open System in the Control Panel (or right-click on the My Computer icon and select Properties.… Read More »

Widgets And The Active Desktop

By | November 1, 2004

Steve Rubel tells of the imminent launch of Konfabulator for Windows, “a wildly popular OS X application that lets you run little apps called Widgets“. From what I can see Widgets are small applications that sit on your desktop and do things like collect data, tell you the time, inform you of new email, that kind of thing.… Read More »